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Kershki Industrial High Pressure Cleaner heated

PWH 1152

The smallest hot water cleaner, is designed and built for "semi-professional application" for private use in agriculture and trade.

The application of the S550 are situations, where the use of hot water is necessary, for example grease and oil contamination and where space is limited or when when working with a small budjet only.

The cleaning requirements should, however, not be too difficult, due to the limited pressure and water quantity.

The standard accessories are complete with high pressure hose, trigger and steel lance with multifunction nozzle, the unit is immediately ready for use.


- Cold or hot water operation
- Adjustable pressure and water volume
- Display of the present working pressure
- Chemicals injector
- Self-priming
- Highly effective with hot water operation
- Triplex pump with ceramic plungers

Standard Equipment:

- 10 m high quality high pressure hose
- steel lance and multifunctional nozzle
- chemical tanks integrated

  PWH 1152
Pressure max. 150 bar, 2175 PSI
Volume max. 660 l/h
Motor 3~400V / 50HZ; 3,5 kW / 7,5 A
Water temp max. 30-140°C
Dimensions (LxWxH) 750x700x700 mm
Weight 100 kg
Nozzle size 055
Time delayed stop Yes

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