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Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Kershki commercial cleaning products are the best quality cleaning products in Australia. Our range of steam cleaners, graffiti cleaners, pressure washers and scrubbers can handle any cleaning job large or small.

Whether you are cleaning driveways, or cleaning equipment, Kershki high-pressure washers or hot pressure washers will do it with ease. We have electric pressure washers and petrol pressure washers and a whole range of gerni. These things will eat a Karcher alive!

Graffiti Cleaning Machine

If its graffiti cleaning you need, our worldwide patented graffiti cleaning machine will remove graffiti in seconds. The use of crushed, recycled nutshells to remove graffiti ensures you are green cleaning with no water or chemicals.

Industrial and Commercial Steam Clean Equipment

Kerski's industrial steam cleaners use a dry vapour steam clean system to clean industrial machinery with no wetness, no blast residue and no erosion. Use it on machinery cleaning, oil and grease cleaning, concrete cleaning, heavy equipment cleaning, plant cleaning and graffiti cleaning.

Kershki - The best cleaning equipment in Australia