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Industrial High Pressure Cleaner

PWC 132C23A

Kershki PWC Profi Line, these mobile and compact sized cleaners are small in dimensions, but strong in cleaning power. These high pressure cleaners are designed for all applications, where a good cleaning impact, excellent machine quality and long living period is required.

The stainless steel cover does not only protect the machine, but can be used as well to build up a high pressure host reel.


The machine is specialy built for the food industry with a pump for hot water supply up to 85 °C.

Cleaning of agriculture machiney, milking parlors, stables, vehicles and industrial machinery. Removal of most difficult dirt on building fronts, monuments, industrial floors, ideal for renovating buildings and concrete and professional stone cleaning. The benefit of using this product are clear.
Effective short working times, enormous ernergy savings and long useful life due to the high industrial quality.


  • chassis and cover complet in stainless steel
  • transportation without strain due to the trolly
  • 10 m high quality high pressure hose
  • pistol with hand protection, lance and pressure adjusting nozzle
  • chemical dosing via injector
  • motor with thermal injector
  • slow running triplexpump with 3 ceramic plungers
  • industrial motor with 100% running time
  • infinitely variable volume and pressure
  • holder for pistol and accessories
  • drawing of water is possible
  • use of hot water up to 85°C with Cat-Pump
  • multi utilisation due to availability of various accessories
Pressure max. 130 bar, 2000 PSI
Volume max. 1380 l/h
Motor 3~400V / 50HZ / 6,2 kW / 10 A
Water temp max. 85 °C
Dimensions (LxWxH) 780x680x680 mm
Weight 70 kg
Nozzle size 25012

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